Our Programs Help Thousands Per Year

We Need Your Help

To continue to meet our goals, Vision, Mission, & grow our global Impact, this page is periodically updated with some of the greatest needs that we have as an organization to meet our current demands, and to help us grow.

RPG Research is a 501(c)3 non-profit research and community human services 100% unpaid volunteer-run charitable organization studying and using the power of cooperative music and collaborative role-playing games to help improve lives around the world.

This page lists our most urgent needs to maintain and grow our programs.

In addition to our needing general volunteers to run programs, monthly donations to keep our existing programs going, and our Amazon wishlists, there are some key items we really need to go to the next level.

See our:

With just $3,000/yr in donations over the past couple of years so far, our programs help thousands of people each year, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally, with more than 100 volunteers across 5 continents.

We desperately need:

  • Facilities ASAP (2,000-4,000+ square foot warehouse with 12' high bay door, in greater Spokane area) by September 2020!

  • Volunteer Coordinator

  • Community Development / Fundraising Volunteer

  • Grant Writer

  • Other administrative volunteer staff, see our Volunteer Opportunities Jobs listing

  • Donations

CRITICALLY URGENT Warehouse Facilities Needed!

2,000-4,000+ sq ft. Warehouse Facility in Greater Spokane Corridor

We need a small warehouse space to store our mobile facilities, and move our operations from our founder's residential location.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum 2,000 square foot warehouse space (22'x8' RPG Bus, 25'x8.5' RPG Trailer, & 26' x8.5' RPG Trailer).

  • Electricity

  • 12' high bay door

  • Secure enough to safely store the RPG Bus & Trailers, drums, RPG gear, etc.

  • At least one small bathroom

  • Enough space to safely store our tabletop RPG, larp, electronics, and drums (50+)

  • Somewhere in the greater Spokane Corridor.

  • If allowed to run programs at the facility, something reasonably close to public transit routes so as may people can attend as possible.

Optional but greatly helpful to increase benefit of our programs to more people:

  • Small office space inside/attached to warehouse space.

  • Heating & Air Conditioning.

  • Area that can be muffled from road, train, vehicle, or plane noise so we can move training/broadcast studio from home basement to facility.

  • Broadband Internet connection

  • Ideally 4,000+ square feet so we can have daily programs available for the local neighborhood (this would be in addition to our programs around the region at Spark Central, schools, libraries, online programs, and our mobile wheelchair accessible RPG Bus & Trailer facilities that we take around the country)

Wheelchair Accessible Mobile Facilities: RPG Bus & RPG Trailers, providing accessible, safe, nurturing mobile environments for cooperative social music and games.

What we could do with this space.

Such a facility would increase our capacity to improve the lives of others tenfold!

  • Our programs improve the community where they become established.

  • See our impact statement and you will see that our programs lower crime rates in the neighborhoods where we run the programs, helping at-risk populations improve their lives.

  • Daily community in-person community programs at the site (we can't do this at the current residential location).

  • Create and make available to the public The RPG Historical Museum.

  • Re-introduce live-action and American Sign Language regular group programs

  • Move studio from basement to real setup for better-quality online broadcasts, training, and online community programs.

  • Resume cooperative music and drum circle volunteer training, community programs, and training workshops.

  • Exponentially increase the number of people we can help each week.

Current Facilities: Founder's Home, Driveway, Lawn, & Basement, North Spokane

The Bus and Trailers are parked at our founders house in North Spokane, in the driveway and on the lawn. Our volunteer training programs, broadcasts, and online community programs all take place in our founder's home. We deliver our community programs at various locations (never bring them physically to founder's home, though our volunteers help from there through our online programs). Unfortunately this year the neighbors have been complaining about the vehicles and the volunteers coming and going from the house. We can't afford a facility with the current level of donations, so to keep costs down we've been doing all we can from his house, but we have reached a tipping point this year.

We must find a storage and new training facilities location no later than September 2020! All of the spaces we have found that can fit, range between $800 (barely fit) to $2,000 per month.

URGENT Volunteer Needs

Note our organization's founder began running RPGs in 1977, programming computer games in 1979, researching the effects of RPGs since 1983, running programs in schools since 1985, and in therapeutic settings in 2004.

All of our staff and volunteers are 100% unpaid.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruitment of new volunteers

  • Onboarding of new volunteers

  • Status updates on existing volunteers

  • Maintaining volunteer HR database

  • Exiting of volunteers (rare but needed occasionally)

  • 1-2 hours per day initially. Could be "load balanced" across multiple volunteers on different days.

  • Coordinate 130+ volunteers across 5 continents (we were at 9 in 2018, projected to be at 500 in 2021, and around 1,000+ in 2022).

Job posting: https://www.rpgresearch.com/jobs/detail/director-of-development-community-outreach-volunteer-14

Community & Fundraising Development & Outreach

  • Cultivation of relationships with current and prospective donors, grant makers, volunteers, and the people and families we serve.

  • Event planning and management

  • Researching and writing grants

  • Maintenance of a donor database

Job posting: https://www.rpgresearch.com/jobs/detail/director-of-development-community-outreach-volunteer-14

Administrative Assistant

  • Scheduling for senior staff & organization as a whole.

  • Email routing.

  • Phone / voicemail routing / response / scheduling.

  • 1-2 hours per day initially. Could be "load balanced" across multiple volunteers on different days.

Job posting: https://www.rpgresearch.com/jobs/detail/administrative-assistant-volunteer-for-charitable-non-profit-organization-61

Marketing, Media, & Social Media Director

details coming soon.

Job posting:  pending

2x American Sign Language Game Masters

* Fluent in ASL
* Willing to train to become GMs
* Need before GenCon for community programs ASAP, then needed for GenCon
  (if it doesn't get canceled)
Job posting: ....


Funding Needs:

Our programs benefit thousands of people each year!

The previous 2 fiscal years we raised just above $3,000 per year. 

Our volunteers have been able to help provide the benefits of our programs to thousands of people per year!

Can you imagine what we could do with better funding?

We could be helping millions of people each year around the world to improve their quality of life and the lives of those around them!

Currently our founder has shouldered about 90% of the costs by running training, Internet, mobile, and just about everything else (except on-site community programs), from his home.

To get RPG Research standing on its feet from donors, we need to get to about $30,000 year, enabling us to improve the lives of tens of thousands people per year.

If we can get to about $300,000 per year, our programs would benefit millions of people per year!

Liability insurance

This is making us especially nervous. We generally have to piggy-back on others to run our programs because we can't yet afford our own liability coverage.

We're getting quotes anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000+ per year (depending on the coverage & the provider) just to cover our current programs liability, since we're all volunteers and we work with at-risk populations, youth, seniors, etc. this makes liability coverage very high).

Lawyer (pro bono would be great!)

We're muddling through the best we can, but we have never had the benefit of consulting a lawyer, or having one on retainer. Our founder has had to take this on the best he can, but it makes him nervous.

CPA (pro bono would be great!)

We're muddling through the best we can, but we have never had the benefit of consulting a CPA, or having one to manage our finances. Our founder, and some of our board members take this one as best we can, but it makes us nervous.

RPG Bus Repair, Maintenance, & Fuel

Our founder purchased the RPG Bus from a volunteer for $2,000 in 2017. Then he, with the help of volunteers, spent more than a year cleaning and fixing it up. He personally spent thousands of dollars in additional repairs. The big shakedown trip was the RPG Tour in 2018, taking the RPG Bus and the first RPG Trailer across 8 western US states to raise awareness about accessibility, inclusiveness, and the benefits of cooperative music and games, over a 26 day tour. Streaming live over Youtube, meeting and interviewing many wonderful people. The bus and broke down just about every day for the first 15 days or so. But eventually it stabilized, and we have been using it on at least a weekly basis since.

The vehicle gets about 6.5 MPG when pulling either RPG Trailer, and about 8 MPG without a trailer. The RPG SUV only get 5 MPG when pulling a trailer (but 19 MPG on the highway when without a trailer).

RPG Bus Engine Needs to be Completely Rebuilt: However, the bus is an ancient 1984 GMC truck underneath, and it desperately needs the engine rebuilt. This will easily cost at least $5,000 USD minimum. 

Pie in the Sky:

Our big dreams.

Community program side:

Multiple locations worldwide (RPG Trailers & warehouse community model), providing services to millions (billions?) of people in-person & online.

Multiple fleets of the accessible RPG Trailers with 2-week tour cycles covering regions and providing programs to those in under-served and un-served areas by coming to them, providing services to thousands of people in-person.

Research Program Side:

Dedicated researchers & research facilities

Our Summer Program for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Photo 2017).