Photo Timeline

A photo-based timeline of the evolution of RPG Research.

Photo-based timeline of the evolution of RPG Research

Below is a combined listing about the project and the project founder Hawke Robinson, including: panel sessions, Q&A sessions, interviews, articles, essays, presentations on the effects of role-playing games, rpg therapy program plans, rpg education, research and examples from using role-playing games to achieve therapeutic and educational goals for many populations including Autism spectrum (ASD/PDD/Asperger's), ADHD, brain injury (TBI, stroke, etc.), spinal cord injury (SCI), at-risk youth, incarcerated youth and adults, the Deaf and hard of hearing, Muscular Dystrophy (MD), Cerebral Palsy (CP), and others.

Listed in reverse chronological order.




    INTERVIEW - Wizards of the Coast Dragon Talk - January 22nd.
    CONVENTION - ZoeCon III - February 16-18 -
    EVENT - March - Launching new show: "Heroes of the Mist", fundraiser on for RPG Research -
    BOARD MEETING - RPG Research Board - March
    CONFERENCE - WSTRA Conference - April
    CONFERENCE - Living Games Conference - May - Boston, Massachusetts
    BOARD MEETING - RPG Research Board - July 6th -
    EVENT - MDA Summer Camp - July - Rathdrum, Idaho
    EVENT - Tolkien Moot XIV - July 21st - Spokane, WA. -
    EVENT - SpoCon - August - Spokane, WA. - August 10-12 -
    TOUR - Great Western RPG Tour - WA, OR, CA, AZ, NV, UT, WY, MT.

2017ESSAY - November 2017 - "Using Role-Playing Games to Enhance the Learning Process, from the Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective" - - alternate link:

INTERVIEW - Columbia Chronicle (Miranda Manier) - Interviewed November 7th - Published November 27th, 2017 -
WORKSHOP - RPG Research Drum Circle Facilitation Workshop at Indie Air Radio Concert Hall -
BROADCAST - RPG Research Patreon Supporter Broadcast (October) - Currently only available to Patreon supporters, will be available to general public in a few weeks.
AWARD - Trustee of the Year Award, The RPG Brain Trust -
BROADCAST - RPG Research Patreon Supporter Broadcast (September) - Available to general public shortly.
INTERVIEW - Men's Health Magazine - Pending publication.
INTERVIEW - Shippensburg University (Hunter Wolfe) - Pending publication.
INTERVIEW - Kills Screen - Chris Berg - Tabletop RPGs as Social Therapy -
ORGANIZATION MILESTONE - RPG Research, after 13+ years of operation, is finally incorporated as a Washington State non-profit company. We are not (yet) federally 501(c)3 (that will require considerable funds and time, but it is on our list of milestones to consider reaching for in 2018.
BROADCAST - RPG Research Patreon Supporter Broadcast (August) -
CONVENTION PANEL - Role-playing Gaming as Therapy -
CONVENTION PANEL - SpoCon -   SpoCon - Cultivating Long-term Role-Playing Gaming Groups -
CONVENTION PANEL - SpoCon - Psychology of Gamers & Hackers -
BROADCAST - RPG Research Patreon Supporter Broadcast (July) -
ORGANIZATION MILESTONE DUNGEONS & DRAGONS LICENSE - Wizards of the Coast provides license to W.A. Hawkes-Robinson and all his organizations to use RPGs for charity, fundraisers, professionally, and commercially, including for-profit services. The first organization in the world to receive this kind of license (as far as we know) -
INTERVIEW - High Level Games, Josh Heath - Unpublished? June 2017.
PROGRAM PLAN - Muscular Dystrophy Association - LARP & TRPG "Battle Royale" July 18, LARP & TRPG "Epic Quest".- (details coming soon).
PROGRAM TRAINING - Navos Mental Health - RPG Training for care professionals, training schedule pending Summer - (details coming soon).
BROADCAST - RPG Research Patreon Supporter Broadcast (June) -
ORGANIZATION MILESTONE - Acquisition of 22' wheelchair ramp (donated by US Veteran through Muscular Dystrophy Association referral) -
TOUR - RPG Trailer Tour #3 - Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association annual conference, Bellingham, Washington, Western Washington University -
VIDEO - Twitch - Legends Through Shadow Trailer - (Hawke as a Dwarf Bard in this weekly D&D 5th Edition Series) - - Archives:
BROADCAST - RPG Research Patreon Supporter Broadcast (May) -
TOUR - RPG Trailer Tour #2 - Pacific Northwest Therapeutic Recreation Association annual conference, Portland, Oregon -
VIDEO - Zombie Orpheus Entertainment - Journey Quest, Support the RPG Trailer & RPG Research -
BROADCAST - RPG Research Patreon Supporter Broadcast (April) -
INTERVIEW (AUDIO) - Ego Check with The Id DM (Michael Mallen) – Episode 7 – Hawke Robinson -
PROGRAM - Spark Central Community Center -
BROADCAST - RPG Research Patreon Supporter Broadcast (March) -
PODCAST - RPG Research Podcast Episode 7
PODCAST - RPG Research Podcast Episode 6
PODCAST - RPG Research Podcast Episode 5
PODCAST - RPG Research Podcast Episode 4
PODCAST - RPG Research Podcast Episode 3
PODCAST - RPG Research Podcast Episode 2
PODCAST - RPG Research Podcast Episode 1


    INTERVIEW (Facebook broadcast): KREM2 / Northwest Cable News broadcast on Facebook:
    INTERVIEW (TV broadcast & article): Northwest Cable News: "Local man opens unique mobile therapy unit to help physically disabled":
    INTERVIEW (TV broadcast): KREM2 News "Local man opens up mobile therapy unit":
    PROGRAM PLAN / RESEARCH - Engaged by third party to develop Interactive RPG on mobile devices for substance dependency rehabilitation program -
    VIDEO - Game to Grow Webisode Project Episode 1: What is Therapeutic Gaming? -
    TOUR - RPG Trailer Tour #1 -
    ARTICLE/INTERVIEW: "Dungeons of the Mind: Tabletop RPGs as Social Therapy":
    ARTICLE: Article: "PNW RPG Research – RPG Therapy":
    ARTICLE/INTERVIEW: "Fun and Function: How RPGs Can Heal Your Mind and Body": - Jennifer Partin (interviewed 2015, published 2016).
    VIDEO: Short summary video of The RPG Research Project & The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer. A bit stilted in presentation style, but useful fast summary:
    PRESENTATION: Texas State University (TSU) / Living Games Pre-conference presentation video (with voice-over) in absentia:
    PRESENTATION: Eastern Washington University, Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association (WSTRA) April 2nd, 2016 Presentation:
    VIDEO (PRESENTATION):  Eastern Washington University, Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association (WSTRA) April 2nd, 2016 (pending upload), Cheney, WA.
    PRESENTATION: Pacific Northwest American Therapeutic Recreation Association (PNWATRA) January 2016 Presentation: (pending upload), Portland, OR. -


    VIDEO: 2015 Year-end summary of all that accomplished this past year:
    VIDEO - Andy, Scott, Brian, Two Bards, Gamers, JQ, Happy Holidays - Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer -
    ARTICLE/INTERVIEW: - HBO's VICE Documentary Article Includes Interview of  Hawke Robinson of RPG Research - "Denmark - LARPing Is the Future of Education"
    ARTICLE: "Hawkes-Robinson's RPG Research Project":
    CHAT LOG - #RPGNET Q&A on RPG Research & RPG Trailer. -
    ARTICLE/INTERVIEW: Michael Tresca 3 part interview of Hawke Robinson, founder of RPG Research & RPG Therapeutics LLC. -
    AUDIO - 73rd Annual World Science Fiction Convention Panel - Game Mastering 101 Panel, August 21, 2015. Panel Members: Annie Bellet , John Welker , W. A. Hawkes-Robinson
    AUDIO - WorldCon 73 / Sasquan Panel - Game Designers Toolbox Panel, August 20, 2015. - Panel Members: Ken Burnside , John Welker , W. A. Hawkes-Robinson , Alan Stewart Moderator , Ari Goldstein
    VIDEO - WorldCon / Sasquan Panel - Gaming for Therapy, Gaming for Education, August 19, 2015. Panel Members: John Welker Moderator , W. A. Hawkes-Robinson
    ARTICLE: Autism & Role-Playing Games:
    VIDEO - Seattle Children's Hospital, Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association (WSTRA) 16th Annual Conference, Presentation  on - "The Therapeutic and Educational Uses of Role-Playing Games (RPG) as Intervention Modalities for Individuals and Groups from the Therapeutic Recreation Perspective" Certified by the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) -
    RESEARCH - Status Update - Gender Bias in the Gaming Community and Industry, Phase 2, Status Update -



    VIDEO - Zombie Orpheus Entertainment's, Creators of "The Gamers", Journey Quest" and other movies. ZoeCon II -
    VIDEO - Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) as Therapy - Google Hangout Panel - "LARPing as a Form of Therapy" - - with Dr. Sarah Lynne Bowman, Chris Shell, Jamie Metzger, & Hawke Robinson. Hosted by Kristin Brumley of "Stay in Character".
    PRESENTATION - Eastern Washington University - Conflict and Barriers to Interpersonal Effectiveness and Role-Playing Gaming -


    VIDEO -  Presentation on the use of Role-playing games to aid in the recover of brain injury clients for Eastern Washington University course on Recreation Therapy for People with Disabilities -
    PROGRAMS: List of 3 Autism Spectrum Example Program Plans -
    RESEARCH - Google Scholar:
    RESEARCH - Report Summary from RPG Research - Phase 1 - Experiences of Gender Bias in the Gaming Community & Industry, High Level Initial Report -


    PBS Idea Channel Mentions and recommends RPG Research for more information:
    ESSAY - Anecdotal Experiences of Stigma Related to Role-Playing Games -
    ESSAY - Why People Like to Participate in Role-Playing Games -


ESSAY - Eastern Washington University - Analysis of the Report "Alienation and the Game Dungeons & Dragons" -




    ESSAY - The Defamation of Role-Playing Gaming and Gamers -
    ESSAY - Role playing Games Used as Educational and Therapeutic Tool for Youth and Adults - alternative url:


    ESSAY - Eastern Washington University - Updated program, RPG for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing -
    MAGAZINE PUBLICATION - Other Minds - The Battle Over Role Playing Gaming -
    FRENCH TRANSLATION - Other Minds Magazine - La bataille autour du jeu de rôle -
    ESSAY - Eastern Washington University - Potential Benefits & Deficits of Role-Playing Gaming -


VIDEO - Eastern Washington University - RPG/LARP for The Deaf & Hard of Hearing -
PROGRAM PLAN - RPG / LARP for The Deaf & Hard of Hearing - -
Using RPGs to help reduce social isolation, important adaptation and cultural considerations for this population.
ORGANIZATION MILESTONE - Rpg Research dedicated website with acquisition of (and related variant domain names) -



    ESSAY - Eastern Washington University - An Overview History and Potential Therapeutic Value of Role-Playing Gaming -
    RESEARCH & PROGRAM PLANS - Experiments in optimizing the tabletop role-playing game (RPG / TRPG) experience.
    RESEARCH - Beginning of "Gamer Floater" & "Gamer stereotypes self-fulfilling prophecy" hypotheses development.
    RESEARCH - Inclusion of diagnosed Autism Spectrum (ASD / PDD) participants in game sessions, concerted effort to help them work on better social skills, frustration/anger management, working cooperatively to problem solve, impulse control, etc.
    ORGANIZATION MILESTONE - Sections on Hawke Enterprising, Hawkes Haven, began to share, discuss, and aggregate RPG Research data, essays, public sharing, interaction, discussion,  etc.








Regular use of own self-hosted opensource version of White Pine Reflector for remote TRPG sessions over CuSeeMe



RESEARCH - Running Tabletop RPG over Internet using CuSeeMe & Other Tools.


RPG SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - MerpMaker Software Visual BASIC version.








RESEARCH - Merging 3 weekly full groups, 20+ players in overlapping shared campaign


CONVENTION - RPGA, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition (AD&D1) - Organized, hosted, trained Dungeon Masters (DM), supervised event. RPGA-based 2-day convention, 60 participants. Millcreek Library, Salt Lake City, UT


    CONVENTION - RPGA, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition - Organized, hosted, and ran RPGA-based 12 hour mini-convention. 12 players. Hosted at home, Salt Lake City, UT.



PROGRAM PLAN/CURRICULUM - Realms of Inquiry "A School for Gifted & Talented Children", Salt Lake City, UT - Learn How to Play and Run Role-Playing Games. Monday through Friday, 5 weeks. - (missing, searching).



ESSAY - Realms of Inquiry - "Role-playing Games, The Myths and Reality" - (8 pages) - (missing, searching).


RPG PROFESSIONAL MILESTONE - Professional Game Master - Charging players for game sessions, 3 groups weekly.





RPG Research Founder, Hawke Robinson, playing AD&D.


RPG Research founder, Hawke Robinson, first introduced to (Original) D&D by cousin.


The world's first published Role-playing game: Dungeons & Dragons.


After 3+ years of development, Jeff Perren & Gary Gygax publish Chainmail with first fantasy elements for tabletop miniatures wargaming.


Publication of first mass market tabletop boardgam wargame, Tactics by Avalon Game Company by Charles S. Roberts.


H.G. Wells Little Wars Published, first publication for general public for miniatures wargaming.



~3000 BCE